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Program presentation

Program presentation

Program presentation

Thales’ technology complementarity policy aims at creating further value for its clients.  

Thales Digital Factory incubates in-house and external startups, providing the right environment and the services they need to develop, such as coaching and technical support.

In-house startups emerge from individual or team projects developed by Thales employees during the time allocated to their personal projects. If the project is considered of business value and in line with the group’s strategy, it will be given the opportunity to evolve as an intrapreneurial project and become, after a screening and development phase, a startup.


Citadel - Thales Digital Factory


The friction between personnal and professional IT has never been higher.
Having a trusted, mobile and easy-to-use communication service is mandatory to share sensitive or strategic information.

Heropolis - ThalesDigital factory


Heropolis: Emergencies require actions that need to be quick, coordinated, and appropriate. Be connected to people you trust in the area you are responsible for, and be informed in real time of the ground situation, thanks to reliable, credible and verifiable field information.

External: Startups

Thales, cybersecurity expertise at STATION F

For many years, Thales has put its collaborative approach at the heart of its strategy as the Group believes cooperation between SMEs, startups and industrials is a considerable source of innovation. Thales has been selected by STATION F, the world’s largest startup campus, to manage its cybersecurity programme. After a successful first season, Thales Digital Factory has inaugurated the second batch of the programme with 11 startups from around the world specialized in cybersecurity.

Cyber@StationF Programme

Results from the Season 1