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The Thales Digital Factory incubates in-house and external startups, providing the right environment and the services they need to develop, such as coaching and technical support.


Citadel - Thales Digital Factory


The friction between personnal and professional IT has never been higher.
Having a trusted, mobile and easy-to-use communication service is mandatory to share sensitive or strategic information.

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Emergencies require actions that need to be quick, coordinated, and appropriate. Be connected to people you trust in the area you are responsible for, and be informed in real time of the ground situation, thanks to reliable, credible and verifiable field information.

External: Cyber@STATION F

Thales, cybersecurity expertise at STATION F

For many years, Thales has put its collaborative approach at the heart of its strategy as the Group believes cooperation between SMEs, startups and industrials is a considerable source of innovation. Last June, through its recently-launched Digital Factory, Thales has been selected by STATION F, the world’s largest startup campus, to manage its cybersecurity programme.


Cybersecurity is a key sector for startups today. We are very happy to welcome Thales on campus to host a dedicated cybersecurity program, especially as they are one of the world's leading experts in the field and have a strong dedication to the startup ecosystem.

Xavier Niel - Thales Digital factory
Xavier Niel
founder of STATION F

Thales is one of the first high-tech companies to bring together world-class digital experts on a single platform in order to develop disruptive innovations on its five core markets. This is also why Thales is joining STATION F, the largest startup incubator in the world, where we will provide expertise in cybersecurity — a prerequisite for any digital transformation.

Patrice Caine - Thales Digital Factory
Patrice Caine
Chairman & CEO of Thales

Thales’s mission is to accelerate the development of startups by providing them with business advice, technical expertise and access to its core markets: aerospace, space, ground transportation, defence and security. Thales will foster the engagement of its employees to work along with the startups and share their expertise of the markets in order to co-create value for the clients and co-develop innovative solutions and services.




During a rigorous selection process, Thales has chosen 9 startups (4 from France and 5 from abroad – Poland, US, Israel, Switzerland and Netherlands), adding value to the Group’s global cybersecurity offer and complementary to each other, offering clients solutions covering the whole cybersecurity chain. The 9 following startups have joined STATION F:

Inpher and its specialists in encryption work to improve the combination of security and usability by enabling analytics and machine learning on encrypted data;

KeeeX offers fully operational blockchain solutions for securing, signing, chaining, sharing and timestamping any kind of documents or data with no alteration (+250 formats);

Multisense B.V is engaged in the industry of multibiometrics and advanced software solutions with a unique technology merging multi-biometric factors (face and voice recognition, fingerprint signature, combined with GPS and NFC[1] technologies and few patents in liveness check). Those technologies are combined in APM (Authentication Platform Management) command control system for big corporate;




Yogosha’s Bug Bounty platform relies on a global network of ethical hackers and helps clients implement a thorough search for security vulnerabilities;

QED-it has developed the Zero Knowledge Blockchain which is a platform combining the advantage of coordinating the operative parties (Blockchain technology) to the necessities of non-data disclosure (ZKP) for legal or business motives;

Skeyecode 2 factor authentication made simple, we provides a secure frictionless software alternative to both hardware and software 2 factor authentications, leveraging the last technological breakthroughs in cryptography;
Alsid designs cyberdefense solutions to help major companies secure the core of their information systems;

Nethone is a cutting-edge user profiler providing Artificial Intelligence-driven business intelligence and fraud prevention that creates custom machine learning solutions which convert threats into profitable decisions, automatically, in real time;

Biowatch develops a wearable biometric technology as an alternative solution to current authentication methods (PIN, passwords, cards, keys, fingerprint, face), based on vein recognition.

[1] Near field communication