The Trustnest Restricted Platform Now Connected to the French Directorate General of Armaments
June 28, 2022 10:30

The deployment and delivery of the Trustnest Restricted platform is moving forward. The last development cycle is marked by important milestones for our customers and which opens up great prospects for the future of the platform. 

It was a commitment from our last development cycle: at the end of this cycle Thales will be connected to the DGA Partner Space. This means that the French Ministry of Army’s users are now able to connect to the services hosted on Trustnest Restricted.  

This is an important milestone for the platform, and for Headlight and Vassco, the first users of this connection. 

With the desire to continuously improve the services offered by the platform, this cycle also sees the arrival of the Back up as a Service offer, which will offer a capacity to backup and secure your data. 

All Trustnest Restricted teams have worked hard to implement, document, test and support our clients in the use of this new service. 


What's coming next? 

In the coming months, the Trustnest Restricted team, together with Thales Services will continue to work to connect the DR (Cryptosaas) mobility solution during Q3 2022. 

During the last cycle of the year, they will implement the Trustnest Restricted Disaster Recovery Plan, to provide their users with better security, resilience and continuity of service. 

In Q4, the team will also launch the approval for the level of sensitivity RUE (Restreint Union Européenne) in order to expand the scope of use of the platform to Europe.  

The Trustnest Restricted team has put in place agile practices to continuously bring the highest value for our users’ projects and an ever more efficient level of service. The connection of the DGA to our platform is a great recognition of the team’s hard work in the last months” says Yoann Garcia, CPO Trustnest Restricted.  

The Trustnest Restricted Platform Now Connected to the French Directorate General of Armaments