Thales Digital Factory North America Ramp-Up
July 12, 2019 09:00

One year after the launch of the second Thales Digital Factory office in Montréal, serving North American customers and with on strong focus on Artificial Intelligence, we announce 3 key hires to support the ramp-up of the Factory.

Caroline Vignollet, Head of Engineering, Thales Digital Factory North America

Caroline was appointed Head of Engineering at Thales Digital Factory North America. She has spent the last 25 years managing various software projects in the banking and telecom industries for Gemalto. Lately, she was at the forefront of the engineering transformation, leading the teams to become truly agile. In her new position, Caroline will coach the engineering squads in the Montreal office of Thales Digital Factory. 

New AI@Centech Coordinator, AlexandreBordellier

With the exciting implementation of the Artificial Intelligence organization cortAIxAlexandrecomes in to manage the operations of the AI@Centechacceleration cell after several years at Thales DMS and as a Digital Champion.

Romain Bosio, Head of Human Resources Thales Digital Factory North America, TRT & Guavus Canada

Romain has been instrumental in his previons role of Headquarters & Netherlands HR Manager at Gemalto. He’s in the group for 8 years. He started as Human Resources manager in Manufacturing & Data Center before joining the Gemalto corporate team.

Thales Digital Factory North America Ramp-Up