Thales Digital Factory awarded for the Tour de France du Digital
June 5, 2019 09:00

Thales Digital Factory has been awarded with the Digital Learning Excellence prize for the Tour de France experience that was organized in August-September 2018 across 4 Thales sites in France.

The Digital Learning Excellence Award promotes initiatives that reflect the richness and diversity of digital and mixed learning now deployed in companies and education. 

The Tour de France du Digital was awarded in the category “corporate”. This event has been designed and coordinated by the Digital Academy, one of the 4 pillars of Thales Digital Factory.  

The Digital Academy’s aim is to provide a brand-new training experience within Thales for developing Digital skillset, by applying 4 key principles of the digital world: 

  • User-centricity 

  • Collaboration 

  • Personalization 

  • Innovation 

“At Thales, Digital Transformation is mainly a human transformation focused on the users’ needs. Thus, the idea of travelling to the various Thales locations to offer a real-life and on-site experience to the teams came naturally. Simple, fun and didactic, that’s how we envision the digital transformation”, explains Lucie Dhorne, Digital Learning Manager at Thales Digital Factory.  

In addition to the Thales Digital Factory team, external startups and Thales employees were also involved in the organization and animation of the 12 workshops and conferences.  

Other awarded organizations include the Academie de Versailles, L’Occitane and Agroparistech. (In French) 

Thales Digital Factory awarded for the Tour de France du Digital