Shaping the Future of Sustainable Mobility
June 3, 2019 09:00

Connect with us at the 2019 Movin’On Summit June 4-6 in Montreal to see our vision for urban mobility, and experience the Thales technologies that will help shape a better, safer and more sustainable world. This international summit on sustainable mobility serves to move stakeholders across academia, government and industry from ambition to action in the development of these technologies.

Join Thales at the Innovation Center

Visit us at the Movin'On Innovation Center to experience our next generation transportation solutions first-hand, with a focus on our urban rail signaling solutions. Jacques Nacouzi, cortAIx Head of Operations, will also be with Thales explaining the Thales Digital Factory model, which brings promising products from proof of concepts to minimum viable products. Gemalto, a Thales company, will also be there to share how our newly enhanced portfolio of digital security solutions are helping to build trust in our increasingly connected world. 

Attend a Working Session or Panel: A Framework for Tomorrow's Urban Mobility

Thales is creating the digital transformations of tomorrow, today for people on the go across the markets we serve. Attend a working session or panel to discover how.

[WORKING SESSION]  June 4, 10:45 am: The Seamless City: Unleashing the Power of Cohesive, Coordinated, On-Demand Multimodal Mobility 
with Gaiane Vicente, Integrated Communication and Supervision Systems Marketing, Strategy, Product Policy and Communications and Yves Perreal, Shift Rail Projects Manager

[WORKING SESSION]  June 5, 8:45 am: Autonomous Vehicles, Data, and Privacy: The Intersection of Real-World Safety and Cybersecurity 
with Jean-Marie Letort, VP Cybersecurity Evaluation and Consulting

[PANEL]  June 5, 11 am: Connecting Rural and Suburban Areas Through Multimodality
with Valérie Bertheau, VP Product Policy

[PANEL]  June 5 at 1:15 pm: Roadmap for Autonomous Vehicles: Rebuilding Trust
with Pierre Schaeffer, Chief Marketing Officer

Connect with us on the Thales Balcony (#9)

June 4: 2 pm: Creating a fertile ground for AI innovation startups: See presentations from two of the mobility-focused start-ups that are participating in Season 1 of AI@Centech, our artificial intelligence acceleration programme.

June 4, 4:30 pm: Digital challenge: Owning, protecting & assigning value to data: Learn how digital technologies like AI, big data and cloud computing will give the railway industry the ability to “see,” “listen” and “speak.”

June 5, 5:15 pm: Jump into the digital mobility world: Gemalto, a Thales Company, will join us to share how their solutions are helping to create a faster, more convenient and more secure experience for users of on-demand mobility services. 

Learn from our Experts

Check out our interviews with experts from across Thales to learn about their big ambitions for this year’s summit.  

Shaping the Future of Sustainable Mobility