MVP PROMISS: This is How We Do It
November 26, 2019 09:00

For military equipment maintainers, having difficulties in accessing the maintenance operations history, “PROMISS” is a tactical and secured digital assistant for maintenance tracking and data centralization. It is designed to help maintainers document their actions while having access to the operations history. With this touch screen mobile application, we took a first step towards an overall approach where decision-making for mission preparation at a strategic level is ensured by reliable up-to date information. We’ve just finished the 5th sprint of the development phase.

This MVP has been brought to the Factory by Thales’ engineers working on airspace-protection systems to answer the Forces’ need. A very thorough user research was necessary to identify the maintainers’ pain points and the MVP was developed jointly with those maintainers. As a result, we hope to gather valuable data from PROMISS’ use leading to an improvement of the MVP into the bigger strategic decision support tool.

We have developed a complementary product called Maintenance Coach, providing technicians with a wide range of services to assist them in their technical and logistical tasks at any time, whether they are at a workshop or on the battlefield.

The beauty of digital relies in the ability to develop a single type of solutions that can then be customized depending on your user’s need. Our ambition is to deliver an improved user-experience thanks to a higher-volume of collected data and proving to the world that cross-fertilization is possible within Thales!

Picture: The squad and their stakeholders

MVP PROMISS: This is How We Do It