Preparing for the future, scenario #2: Fatiha, working in Human and AI Resources
August 4, 2023 14:50

Preparing for the future has always been our leitmotiv, and as we want to bring trust in Digital, we need to ask ourselves the right questions and anticipate for some unseen obstacles: What if the technology gets out of control? How will climate change shape tomorrow’s world? How do we, as humans, interact with each other in the age of AI? We’ve thought some of these questions through with Usbek&Rica and imagined futuristic scenarios describing what the future could look like, based on the choices we make today. 


Fatiha: - Quentin, I don't understand what's bothering you. For 5 years we have all been much more productive, we have moved to a 4-day week, our salaries have increased significantly, and we have gotten rid of a whole bunch of tasks, which today in hindsight seem alienating. You now devote most of your time to proofing what Clara produces, to exercising your critical mind, to learning things, and to creating. 

The hierarchy is seamless and everyone respects it: the Betas validate Clara's work, the Alphas validate the Betas' work. 

We both remember Clara's difficult beginnings in the company. Untrained collaborators, anarchic practices, machine errors, biases, opacity in the algorithms: faced with the technological tsunami, we were all a little helpless. 

But now things are clear: how Clara is fed, what she does with your data, what she should and should not be used for. Clara is friendly and understanding, she adapts to everyone's tastes and habits. And the smarter you are, the more relevant she will be. What do you want more? 

Quentin: - Yes and no Fatiha. Since the arrival of the new version 3 months ago, Beta colleagues have been wondering: Clara is more and more directive, taking us back and correcting us. Sometimes she gets frustrated and does the work for us, and it is clear that it is generally very well done, that a proofreading by the Alphas is enough. 

Alpha colleagues hold more and more meetings with each other and define priority projects without staffing a single Beta. But we all remember what happened to the Gammas 2 years ago... 

Fatiha: - We are not going to repeat history every time. Yes, some Gammas have been able to adapt to Clara, others have left home. Clara offers all the personalized resources necessary so that everyone can train, keep up to date, retrain elsewhere if necessary. 

Here too, things are very clear: our company does not have control over the new functionalities that Silicon Valley will develop. We must integrate major new arrivals almost every month. Sometimes they perform extremely technical tasks for us, sometimes creative tasks. Also try to put yourself in my shoes: how do you do HR Planning in such a context? 

Quentin: - We are aware of the rules of the game and have all signed here knowingly. But the Betas wonder and hesitate between asking for a conventional break, waiting to see, and fighting to pass Alpha. 

With the new version of Clara, could you tell us what qualities are sought in an Alpha? 


Preparing for the future, scenario #2: Fatiha, working in Human and AI Resources