MOABI – Thales
September 9, 2021 09:00

A successful start-up / large group cooperation in the field of cybersecurity

Paris, France - September 7, 2021 - MOABI, supplier of automated audit solutions for product cybersecurity, participates in FIC 2021 in Lille on the Cyber@station F stand of Thales, and presents its cooperation with the group French leader in high technologies. This cooperation will also be the subject of an official presentation during Cybernight on October 4 in Paris, an event that brings together the French cybersecurity ecosystem. The successful incubation within Cyber@station F results in the signing of a framework contract with deployment within Thales and the creation of a Thales service offering based on the MOABI platform.

Integrated into the Cyber@station F incubation program last January, the MOABI team was supported by a multidisciplinary Thales shadow squad. The challenge was to understand the needs of the various business units, become familiar with the issues and adapt the MOABI solution to the group's objectives and interests. The success of this program shared by the two companies is reflected in a long-term framework contract and the first deployments result from an in-depth consideration and an optimal response to the challenges of cybersecurity for the systems and industrial products of the company.

The use of the MOABI platform makes it possible to validate the cybersecurity posture of Thales developments for its customers, to increase and improve best security practices within all R&D teams, and to engage its suppliers in a continuous improvement approach of the cybersecurity of their products. MOABI's automated security audits provides metrics that characterize the security posture of binaries / software supplemented by key remediation reports to prevent, in particular, ransomware and supply chain attacks that cause so much concern today, to the image of the recent SolarWinds or Kaseya business.

Jean-Michel Brossard CEO of MOABI, indicates: "We are very happy with the dynamic of cooperation with the Thales group, which allows us to meet exactly the requirements of an environment as selective as that of Thales and to accelerate our development. Our joint work will make it possible to provide a solution for the continuous improvement of the safety posture of products and systems for Thales internal teams but also for suppliers in fields as varied as connected vehicles, industrial applications and software solutions. for business. "

Jean-Yves PLU VP Digital Ecosystem of Thales Digital Factory, in charge of Cyber ​​@ station F adds: “By offering the group's development teams privileged access to an innovative and efficient tool for automated software audit, this partnership with MOABI strengthens the cyber by design approach which enables Thales to provide its customers with the most secure solutions on the market ”

MOABI – Thales