Metal 3D Printing: Thales Creates a Global Centre of Expertise in Morocco
August 9, 2017 09:00

Thales supports Morocco's ambition to progress in the aerospace sector and is inaugurating its industrial Competence Centre in Casablanca, specialising in metal additive manufacturing, also known as metal 3D printing. This plant will become a platform allowing the international requirements of the Group and its customers to be met.

Key points

  • Metal 3D printing will lead to a reduction in the development and manufacturing times for parts with high added value made from complex metal alloys in all mechanical domains, in particular the aerospace and space domains.
  • The industrial Competence Centre at the heart of the Thales group's "Industry 4.0" development generates employment.
  • Thales is continuing with its commitments as part of its cooperation with Morocco.

This industrial Competence Centre forms part of the Industrial Acceleration Plan 2014 to 2020, supported by the Kingdom of Morocco, which supports the development of an innovative ecosystem involving Thales and its local suppliers, including the creation of a high-tech industrial competence centre.

"With an existing aerospace ecosystem of subcontractors, Morocco has everything needed to become Thales' global centre of expertise in 3D printing. The use of a secure digital platform provides the industrial Competence Centre with the latest innovations in terms of connected industry and smart plants, and will improve the competitiveness of the solutions offered to our customers"

Pierre Prigent, Thales Country Director in Morocco.
Metal 3D Printing: Thales Creates a Global Centre of Expertise in Morocco