Growing that Entrepreneurial Spirit
December 8, 2020 09:00

Having a great and delighting idea triggers the entrepreneurial spiritBut what does it take to be an entrepreneur from a cultural and mindset perspectiveFearless, honest, self-driven... An entrepreneur just entered the roomThis is how our entrepreneurial-spirited Project Owner, Ganeshkumar Mani defines it. 

Per definition, intrapreneurs are proactive and action-driven in their initiative to develop an innovative product or service. We knoabout entrepreneurship but what is intrapreneurship? At Thales Digital Factory, we aim to uncover the mysterious world and the odds of digital concepts. Let’s see how it works:

How do you describe the entrepreneurial spirit in 3 adjectives?

Ganeshkumar M.Fearless, honest, self-driven. That’s the Spirit!

  1. Fearless: Handling the risk by an accelerated market and product viability assessment.
  1. Honest: Accepting when ideas or actions are not aligned with the product feasibility and market need.
  1. Self-driven: Being able to proactively switch from one task to another and always learn more.

Dyou think there can be a gap between entrepreneurial practices and large companies' processes?

Ganeshkumar M.In order to adapt to the fast-changing market, we should be lean and make quick decisions (based on problem solution fit and idea testing). Many times, big companies come with big hierarchies and long processes. An entrepreneur should understand why the process is put in place and apply it if and only it is absolutely necessary. On the other side, big organizations could establish simple and minimum processes for faster decision making.

Valuing the entrepreneurial spirit

Thales is fully embracing intrapreneurship allowing employees to act like an entrepreneur within the company.

Growing intrapreneurs

Startup Studio offers a unique opportunity to live an entrepreneurship experience when an employee is at a turning point in their career and wants to push boundaries.

Thales helps intrapreneurs with problem solution fittesting the idea with real users to confirm we are going to the right direction or not, acquiring new hard and soft skills, and exiting the comfort zone.

Jean-Marc Budin, Senior Vice President Middle East, Africa and India at Thales says “Startup Studio is a wonderful management school and participants would be entitled to take on Country Manager positions at Thales!”

 A new innovative and safe pathway within Thales from employee to entrepreneur!

Growing that Entrepreneurial Spirit