Big Data
October 5, 2018 09:00

Serving as both a security and data protection leader as well as a critical decision chain key player, the Thales Group has developed technological solutions over the course of many yearssolutions that allow our clients to use data collection and analysis to make optimal decisions at precisely the right time.

These clients include airlines, satellite operators, air traffic control, metro and train operators, the armed forces or those responsible for the safety of major urban and energy infrastructures.
The Thales Digital Factory was created with the goal of delivering new or reinforced added value services and solutions to our clients, all of whom are eager to embrace the digital space. In this way, the Factory is already fully equipped with the right tools and expertise to move the Group into a leadership role in big data processing and analytics. These tools include an industrial platform at the cutting edge of real-time analytics and systems designed to be easily implemented across any number of new markets.
Our strategy relies on Thales’ ability to pull data out of the silos and find broad new pathways for interconnectivity to implement new user-oriented services. 

  • Interconnection of data
  • Interconnection of the Five Key Technologies
  • Interconnection of people (internal and external ecosystem)  

The key drivers for this new playing field can be broken into four V’s—Volume, Variety, Velocity and Value—which tap the full potential of big data and all the opportunities it represents for our clients. With a groundbreaking approach that redefines digital transformation, the Thales Digital Factory seeks to channel the cultural upheaval of the digital age into a new collective dynamic: paving the way for new ways of working, innovative methods of organisation and modern, adapted values of transparency, commitment, team spirit and mindfulness.

Big Data