Artificial Intelligence
October 5, 2018 09:00

Artificial intelligence has come a long way in the digital age, raising vital questions about its role in the future of human progress. While advancements in technology might conjure up nightmarish sci-fi scenarios best left at the multiplex, Thales believes that real-life progress in AI is about achieving an ever-closer harmony between people and machines.

Used responsibly and ethically as a potent force for change, artificial intelligence can allow us all to concentrate more on what makes us human.                 

The Thales Digital Factory is poised to play a leadership role in the development of AI, extending far beyond unmanned vehicles with wide-reaching implications across all sectors, from big data analytics to upturning classic training paradigms. The biggest challenge faced by AI experts today is achieving mastery of the mechanisms behind AI development while simultaneously studying the changing dynamic in our own behaviour as people begin to interact with these new systems.

With these goals in mind, Thales has founded the Centre of Research and Technology in Artificial Intelligence eXpertise (cortAIx) in Montreal, leveraging the city’s unique ecosystem of world-class talent and creativity to advance the applications of ethical artificial intelligence worldwide. Another building block in an expansive digital strategy, the key mission of cortAIx is to build “AI inside” solutions that are safe and ethical, striking the perfect balance between the vast potential of artificial intelligence and the guiding vision of the human spirit.



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Artificial Intelligence