A Ministerial Inauguration of the Group's Digital Factory
October 26, 2017 09:00

On October 17, Thales's Digital Factory in Paris was inaugurated in the presence of Bruno Le Maire, French Minister for Economic Affairs, Patrice Caine, numerous journalists and around 70 employees working at the site.

Speaking at the inauguration, Patrice Caine underlined the extremely rapid nature of digital technologies and the way they are used; in other words, the digital revolution. Thales has successfully anticipated and mastered the technological breakthroughs in recent years, but the Digital Factory will bring even greater foresight and reactivity as the trends accelerate.
The Group’s Chairman & CEO also reminded those present that the Group has invested more than a billion Euros in key digital technologies (the acquisition of Guavus, the opening of a global Artificial Intelligence hub in Canada, the acquisition of Vormetric and our implication in the Cyber@STATION F programme). “With these investments, Thales is well equipped to face the future,” he concluded.
Pointing out that the Digital Factory could be an example to follow for other companies, the French Minister for Economic Affairs, Bruno Le Maire, also highlighted the role played by the state in this disruptive economy. A government should be a facilitator in the financing of innovation and a guide to help develop ambition and capacities for innovation. “We have lost the software battle, but we must win the data war,” declared the minister.
During his visit, the Minister was invited to discover some of the solutions in development, including:
  • Citadel, a trusted, mobile and easy-to-use communication service for professionals based on professional email addresses. Citadel is your new professional Whatsapp!
  • InFlyt 360, the next generation marketing platform for airline customers, offering more customized services to passengers.
  • Ecosystem, a platform dedicated to air traffic operators, giving access to various services through specific applications such as meteorology.
The Thales Digital Factory
Opened in June, the Digital Factory is a fully-fledged platform for industry-focused services and will bring together the best experts in key digital technologies to serve the Group’s customers on its five core markets. Some 150 world-class experts will be recruited internally and externally by 2018. To finance this new initiative, Thales is investing €150 million over three years.
The role of the Thales Digital Factory is to accelerate the digital transformation of the Group and its customers by helping to design and create breakthrough products.
The Digital Factory provides an agile ‘start-up’ eco-system, but also a space that makes the Group even more attractive to the young talent it needs to be even more innovative and compete against the digital giants.
A Ministerial Inauguration of the Group's Digital Factory