What is it?

Our squads work in agile mode to deliver MVPs, Minimum Viable Products, in a short timeframe.
Why develop MVPs instead of “real” products?
Everything starts with an idea. Anyone in the Thales ecosystem can come to the Digital Factory and share his/her idea with us. After a series of 5 successful workshops that will help figure out the vision, the value value proposition, the business model, the market fit and the budget, the idea will enter the Digital Factory as a MVP.
What happens then?
A dedicated squad made of 8-10 people will design and develop it together with the users, in order to deliver an innovative and user-centric product. Typically, the product is developed in 5-8 series of 2-week sprints, in between which it is tested and trialed.
And when the MVP is completed?
It is never completed. When the MVP is ready to be used as such by the client/the user, it is transferred back to a Thales business line, where the local Digital Competence Center will continue to work on it to help it grow into a more refined product.