Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital Transformation

Thales is a global technology leader with expertise in an impressive array of digital technologies that have wide-ranging applications in defence, rail transport, aerospace, space and security. The digital transformation is radically reshaping whole sections of the economy.

In fact, the Group has made "digital" one of the five pillars of its transformation programme. Thales believes that these technologies have the potential to transform not only our customer value propositions but the whole way we work. The Group believes the potential benefits of these technologies - in terms of new business opportunities and better competitive performance - outweigh the risks of disruption.

Olivier Flous, Thales VP, Digital Transformation & the Digital Factory,
explains in the following video.

digital offer


The Thales Digital Factory

Our ambition: to be an accelerator of the digital transformation of Thales and its customers.

Olivier Flous - Thales Digital factory
Olivier Flous
VP, Digital Transformation & Digital Factory

The digital factory will provide operational support for the digital transformation of thales ans its customer



hosting services for our employees and customers.


squad teams developing compelling Minimum Viable Products involving endusers. 


for both internal and external start-up to accelerate new businesses and be closer to digital ecosystems.


able to disseminate digital culture and technologies, through training and coaching opportunities, digital events, hackathons, etc.


Event Partnership
Friday, November 16, 2018

Conference and Workshop on Disruptive Digital Technologies.
Focus Sectors: Aerospace, Defence, Security, Transportation.

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