Cyber@StationF Welcomes 8 New Startups!

01 July 2019

Season 3 is On !

On June 14th, the Thales Digital Factory launched the 3rd season of the Cyber@StationF acceleration programme. We are pleased to welcome these 8 new future world champions to our cybersecurity ecosystem:




Secure connectivity software for IoT projects


Innovative AI-powered physical identity solutions


Secure physical authentication for people and things


Protection against quantum computers


Data loss prevention reinvented


Quantum encryption solutions


Cyber intelligence, protection and cooperation platform


Mapping solutions for extended network vulnerabilities and exposure


  Previously, in Season 2...

11 startups benefited from the 6 month programme with the support of 23 technical and business coaches. The teams delivered 17 projects, including two hybrid PoCs, and raised more than 20 millions in capital.[RN1] 

Most season 2 startups have started bringing their disruptive touch to all of Thales’ markets, reinforcing that cybersecurity and digital trust are a must-have far beyond pure players, from the bottom of the ocean to railway cybersecurity and space operations.



  How Will Season 3 Look Like for the Startups?

The programme will help accelerate startups by connecting them to our expertise and business opportunities accross the group, through the access to Thales' technological platforms to co-design cutting-edge solutions for a digital world, and by bringing them under the spotlights.

Whilst building the next cybersecurity solutions, the startups will have the opportunity to tackle one or more of this season’s key challenges:

Challenge 1: Knowing & tackling the means and ways of attackers

Challenge 2: Cybersecurity by design

Challenge 3: Security training and drilling

Challenge 4: Massive & heterogeneous IoT cybersecurity

Challenge 5: Adaptive cloud security and identity management

Challenge 6: Legacy and OT systems cybersecurity



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