Core Digital Platform

Core Digital Platform

1. What is the Core Digital Platform?

The Core Digital Platform is the heart of the Thales Digital platform, which provides secured production and development for digital products.

The Core Digital Platform is being developed at Thales Digital Factory along with its related services.

Our culture makes for data and user centric platform empowering Thales Business Lines with a strategic advantage. We facilitate teams (software engineers) who build and operate digital products with reduced time-to-market, whilst meeting rigorous security expectations. We offer a catalog of managed core digital services all supported by our architecture and engineering teams.

2. Our Mission

In a nutshell we leverage the power of the Cloud, foster state-of-the-art technologies and guarantee secure operations.

3. Our Value Proposition

Reduce time-to-market and provide security excellence for all our digital products, within an Agile and living platform.


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