01 objective


AI@Centech is a 6-month international startup acceleration programme, whose members provide solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence.
Thales has selected Centech, one of the world's best accelerators, to host its Artificial Intelligence programme. The aim is to accelerate startups by giving them counsel, expertise and access to Thales' technological platforms to co-built cutting-edge solutions into the Group's market, whilst supporting the emergence of the next worldwide artificial intelligence champions.

Startups we are looking for

We accelerate international series A startups , having between 18 months and 3 years maturity with existing MVP's and patents, and able to incorporate at least 2 representatives at Centech.

An access to 5 big markets

We help accelerate the startups’ development in artificial intelligence by providing them advice, expertise and access to our big markets, from the bottom of the oceans to the depths of space: aerospace, space, ground transportation, defence, and security.

Centech's ecosystem

Thales offers to startups the richness of Centech, an environment conducive to development, while giving a high visibility and an access to a considerable network, workspaces, meeting rooms and other related services. Startups have access to free workplaces within Thales’ open space, and to all available services and events at Centech.

02 programme


We help accelerate the startups’ development in artificial intelligence by helping them on technological and business side, by offering them an access to our big markets, from the bottom of the oceans to the depths of space, and everywhere critical decisions must be taken (aerospace, space, ground transportation, defense, and security).
The support by Thales to the selected startups in the programme is free and without compensation as equity holding.










The people we all rely on to make the world go round – they rely on Thales. Our customers come to us with big ambitions to make life better to keep us safer. Combining a unique diversity of expertise, talents and cultures, our architects design and deliver extraordinary high technology solutions. Solutions that make tomorrow possible, today. From the bottom of the oceans to the depth of space and cyberspace, we help our customers think smarter and act faster - mastering ever greater complexity and every decisive moment along the way. With 65.00 employees in 56 countries, Thales reported sales of €15.8 billion in 2017.


Created in 1996 by the Ecole de Technologie Supérieure, and located in the heart of Montreal's Quartier de l'innovation. CENTECH is a startup company launcher dedicated to technological tools and other advanced technologies with high growth potential. With its two programs - Acceleration and Propulsion - CENTECH acts as a veritable growth machine and has created one of the greatest densities of high-level tech entrepreneurs in Canada. Futhermore, CENTECH is now offering open innovation cells that can integrate major corporations and companies seeking to design new products and give them opportunity to benefit from the agility of startups and from CENTECH's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

"AI@CENTECH supports Thales' goal of being a world leader in AI while delivering future economic benefits to Canada by supporting Canadian innovators who are at the forefront of technology."
Patrice Caine, Thales Chairman & CEO.

"CENTECH's vision, to unit the best technological entrepreneurs within its innovation ecosystem, is a reality with Thales' partnership. Thales will act as a real accelerator of growth in synergy with major universities, entrepreneurs and industry".
Richard Chénier, Managing Director of CENTECH.


You are a startup in artificial intelligence, and you want to take advantage of Thales in one of the best startups campus in the world

Join us at Centech !