Accelerating the Digital Shift

What’s Currently in the Making at the Factory?

Digital Platform

We include the latest technologies (Big Data, IoT, AI…) to our products and services with the highest level of security and experience to users.

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Minimum Viable Product

We develop products in a fast way with the best user experience, in agile, test and learning mode.

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Startup Incubator

We incubate in-house and external startups, providing the right environment and the technical or coaching services they need to grow.

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Digital Academy

We provide a digital learning platform with an easy access to a large range of digital training contents.

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Why a Digital Transformation ?

Our destination: becoming a leader in all our markets

As part of Ambition 10 group-wide initiatives, Digital Transformation is a crucial topic for companies in today’s rapidly changing and complex environment. Digital has the potential of transforming the core business of Thales’s customers.

Since the arise of the World Wide Web in the mid-1990s, a whole new economy has emerged based on data valorization, digitization of customer interactions that improve user experience and new business models. This economy enables exponential growth and high profitability and relies on the capacity to innovate fast and create ecosystems of partners on a digital platform. The pure digital players have reshaped the economic landscape in the B2C environment and now start to challenge the BtoB and BtoG environment by applying the same principles.

“Digital transformation is bringing opportunities for growth, new revenue streams, new services and new business models in almost every industry, everywhere. Most industries and companies have understood the potential and the societal impact of the digital revolution.
And Thales is one of them."

Patrice Caine
Chairman & CEO of Thales


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